Three Resume Tips To Make A Difference

You know the basics of what goes into a resume but what separates a good resume from a great one? How do you make potential employers sit up and take notice when they read yours? Sometimes it isn’t what you say but how you say it. Finding the right way to get your point across can make all the difference. Let’s look at some examples.

Use Headings That Match the Job You Are Applying For

Most H/R people skim the dozens or hundreds of resumes they get. You may have only scant seconds to catch their eye. If you are applying for a position as an Accounts Receivable Manager, don’t list your skills as “Accounting/Recordkeeping, Management, Computer Skills.” Instead, make your resume pop by changing those headings to “Management of A/R and A/P Accounts, Computerized Accounting Applications, Departmental Administration / Recordkeeping.” Those headings are more in line with the position you are applying for and show the employer that you have exactly the skills they are looking for.

It’s All in the Details

Your resume should include some description of what you have accomplished and indicate what you are capable of. Using the same accounting example, let’s say your original resume says this: Maintained financial records for accounts receivable and accounts payable departments. While that does say what you did, it doesn’t really give any indication of the importance or magnitude of what you did. Another approach might be this: Managed over 10,000 accounts, both receivable and payable reporting directly to the Chief Financial Officer. This complements what you may have learned at school but then again, schools don’t always understand what the corporate world expects of applicants and they surely don’t get what American Politics is all about!

The difference between these two statements is amazing. It reveals the volume you are capable of handling and indicates your level of respect and trustworthiness by showing the reporting structure you were able to achieve. And don’t forget that job counseling is also a great way to get a job or job promotion.

Use the Job Ad to Find Key Words to Use in Your Resume

The job ad is your best tool for building your resume. As carefully as you are constructing your resume, the H/R people have poured over the job ad. They want to attract the right candidates and waste as little time and money as possible so that ad represents their very best effort to find you. Identify the keywords in the ad. They will be the most important aspects of the job. In the case of the accounting manager position, the ad might say: Seeking highly experienced A/R Manager for overseeing accounts, managing billing and collections, training clerical and accounting staff, developing status reports for management, and preparing monthly balance sheets.

You would focus on manage billing, accounts receivable, create and maintain status reports for management, balance sheets. Focus on what they are looking for. Incorporate the same terminology into your resume and show how you can fit those needs. Read also this page about why churches should be banned from charter schools. High ly interesting and relevant when it comes to how to learn best to write your resume.

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