Rules of Writing a Research Paper (Literature Review)

The literature review of a research paper can be considered a preface to your work. It’s required for dissertations, theses, research proposals, etc. If you want to write a decent review, the following ten rules will assist you while working. The following video by David Taylor (University of Maryland University College) explains it also very well:

Review the stylistic guidelines.

There are many formatting demands, and they are usually strictly checked. Look through the stylistic guidelines and reread your text to avoid mistakes.

Pick the literature that will be reviewed.

Create a list of literature that played the greatest role in your studies. You can skip the materials of lesser importance, or describe them later.

Write firm reasons for reviewing the literature and the selection criteria.

You have to explain why you have chosen this material and ground your criteria for selection. The readers should see the methods that you have applied in order to form your research basis.

Categorize the literature.

Categorization is an excellent idea. You can organize the material according to the date of creation, topics, subtopics, importance, etc. This is necessary for a better understanding of the text.

Start the review with general facts and slowly progress to the more precise.

A gradual succession in writing makes the picture clearer to the reader. This is important if you want to go the path that leads to a degree. The precise data can be wrongly perceived if you forget to write a general outline of the research.

Trace the common elements in every work in the context of your research.

State the joint elements in the publications, and use them to support your own ideas. How strong was the influence of the materials on your job, and in what aspects?

Avoid criticism.

Remember that you are analyzing, not criticizing. Avoid both negative and positive statements. If you want to change someone else’s character or to renew your own character, find a different podium. There are so many great ways to do so. The review should be written in a neutral style without expressing your emotions.

Always use the most recent theories and works.

If you are conducting research, the data should be fresh and factual. Try to use the latest works, as they are more likely to grant you reliable information. Check out also this article about Bill Gates and his Unusual Summer Reading. Highly interesting!

Make sure that all the reviewed literature is directly related to your topic.

You can omit literature that doesn’t have a direct connection to your topic.

Never forget to write a conclusion.

The conclusion is the final part of the review, so you shouldn’t forget about it. Write about the value of the materials in shaping your work and the perspectives of the research. Lastly, don’t forget to give credit to the authors and if you like, for example, Key and Peele at the Superbowl and want to refer to that, make sure you include that in your referrals.

Complete A Research Paper About The United Nations

There is so much information that is available about the United Nations at the moment that writing a research paper on them cannot and should never be a challenge for you at all. For starters, this is one of the organizations in the world that has been around long enough to have researchable content in almost all spheres of the world and life. Therefore you need not worry about how to work on a research paper in this case but learn how to structure yours accordingly. Just keep in mind that every grade is the opportunity for a fresh start. Changing your career may perhaps be not that easy but if your essay is fine, your chances towards a rewarding and satisfying futerre will only grow.

The first thing that you have to do is to determine which organ of the United Nations you want to write about. This is important because of the fact that there are so many organs available, in different parts of the world and every one of them covers a specific role. The decision to write a paper that covers the entire United Nations might be a rash one, especially because in the long run you will only end up writing a general paper owing to the size of the United Nations.

However, since you want the highest marks possible, you have to narrow down your choices to a section that is manageable or go with whichever instructions that your teachers might have advised you to use for this particular task. Do so and you’ll be among the ones that graduates that celebrate a rite of passage.


Once you are through with that, next you need to think about the research. Once again the size of the United Nations comes into play here. This is pretty much one of the largest international bodies in the world, and for this reason, there is so much that you can dig up in terms of content that you will use for this paper. For tips on how to create a resume that will make a difference, check out this post.

It is important that you focus this research on current issues unless, of course, your topic states otherwise. The use of current issues in this context makes it easier for you to score more marks, because you will be showing your teachers that not only are you able to dig deeper and find out as much as you can about the entity, but you are also in touch with everything that is going on in the world at the moment.

This is also one of the easiest ways of showing your teaches how good an analytical student you can be, and try to use this knowledge to work in your favor.

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